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瀬多 総司

"Many Rapids, Bound Officer"
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Canon Route:
Maxed Links: Yosuke, Rise, Sayoko, Margaret, Nanako, Naoto, Teddie, Investigation Team, Seekers For Truth, Kanji, Kou, Chie, Naoki, Fox.
Didn't Max: Yukiko, Dojima, Ai, Yumi (all Rank 8-9); Hisano & Eri (Rank 6).
No Link: Shu, Ayane, Daisuke.
Romance Route: Nope/Sayoko. Oblivious or thought they moved too fast.
Jobs: Origami, Daycare, Hospital, Fold Envelopes.
School Activities: Basketball (not his first team), Drama Club (not his first team), Health Committee.
Summer Festival: Yumi (just friends).
Models, Books, Manga: All of Them.
Fishing: Caught the Guardian.
Stats: Maxed. Ate the Beef Bowl!!!
Class Rank: 2nd (After Yukiko).
Christmas: Naoto. Caught Adachi at the last minute.
Other Friends: Funky Student/Riddle Sempai (they totally got high together once at riddle-sempai's house); Woman Who Cooks Fishbait; Man By Bookshop; Twins; Old Man At Riverbed; Dock Cat; River Cat; House Cat; Kittens; Sofue-Sensei; Chihiro.

Birthday March 15th, Blood Type O. Born in Tokyo, but lived in 13 different prefectures (and attended 9 schools in 12 years). Former School Activities: basketball, kendo, band (bass, trumpet), drama club. Parents: Both work as Compliance Inspectors for the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission. Spending the year in China.
Places Lived: Tokyo, Toyama, Osaka, Hokkaido (Sapporo), Hyogo (Nishinomiya, Kobe, Himeji), Kyoto, Aomori (Hachinohe), Aichi (Ichinomiya), Chiba, Kanagawa (Yokohama), Yamaguchi (Shimonoseki), Shizuoka (Mount Fuji), Fukuoka.

Izanagi-No-Okami, Level 94 World Arcana
Atropos, Level 70, Fortune Arcana
Thor, Level 70, Chariot Arcana
Yoshitsune, Level 87, Tower Arcana
Odin, Level 81, Emperor Arcana
Queen Mab, Level 35, Lovers Arcana
Lilith, Level 57, Devil Arcana
Dis, Level 44, Magician Arcana
(the four that cannot pass for human):
Mara, Level 67, Tower Arcana
Neko Shogun, Level 37, Star Arcana
Lucifer, Level 93, Judgment Arcana
Sraosha, Level 81, Justice Arcana

Infiltrator Roles:
Moebius, Spark, Harrogate, Digital Frontier, Purgatory, Questing Country/Junkworld, Lightning Age

Solstice Masquerade, Doki Doki No Gakuen, Missing Dragon Walkabout, Code of Dishonor

Portal Creation (Stationary), Hammerspace I
Psychic Protection I, Sensory Livestreaming
Gorgon Racial Traits, Grace, Infoglasses, Lightning Age Innovation: Cybernetics, Lightning Age Tech: Cybernetics, Sins and Virtues, Spirit Sensitivity/Communication, S. Tech Mastery
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NAME/HANDLE: Matt/mattnificent

AGE: 31

CONTACT: mattnificent at plurk



NAME: Seta Souji

CANON: Persona 4



This version of Souji also spent from December 2012 to June 2015 on the island of Atia, a place ruled by a cruel and arbitrary goddess of eroticism who kidnapped and collared offworlders to increase her base of worshippers, cursing them to slowly suffocate if they didn't meet her expectations. Over his time there, Souji changed somewhat - recognizing a tendency towards polyamory, becoming more patient and cautious about things out of his control, and entering relationships with each member of the Investigation Team, as well as Izanami, and forming local S. Links on the island as well. Still, he is a generally sober, responsible adult with a fixation on the Truth, a strong sense of responsibility, an iron stomach, and a weird sense of humor.


Souji’s favorite place in Inaba was the embankment down by the river. Quiet, with a sunny, south-facing slope, a dock which was excellent for fishing off of, and a preponderance of stray cats, he walked its path every day between home and school, and sometimes worked at a daycare that played in the park pavilion on one side of it - the pavilion was also a favorite spot for quiet, private conversations with friends. Whether jogging, fishing, wading near the beach, feeding the cats, or lying on the hillside plucking flower petals and watching the clouds, it was the perfect lazy relaxation spot.


-Chronic workaholic - doesn't sleep much, doesn't like to be still, overachiever, good academically & athletically

-Energetic, goal-oriented

-Laid back and friendly - very approachable, very earnest.

-Sober and responsible, often formal in his manners, either very tactful or extraordinarily blunt, no middle ground.

-Curious, watchful, obsessed with truth

-iron stomach and bottomless appetite

-bizarre, deadpan sense of humor



[Open Log]

Dec. 31st, 2014 05:59 pm
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WHO: Souji, the Persona crew, & assorted others (feel free to jump in!)
WHAT: New Year's Party!
WHERE: Souji's Apartment.
WHEN: December 31st
WARNING(S): Kissing, drinking, who knows what else?

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 I'm not a big believer in anonymous criticism, so anon is off, but I will always welcome discussions of how I'm portraying Souji and how you think I could do better!
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Yasoinaba Station fell away behind the train, and Souji stood still a moment, looking out the window, eyes on the passing scenery now that he could no longer look back at the platform. A small smile played over his lips, and he sighed, sounding more satisfied than wistful.

Tomorrow he’d be home with his parents again, even if it was a ‘home’ he’d never seen before. And in a month he’d be starting school in a new town.

That was all right. For the first time, even if he was leaving a familiar place, he wasn’t leaving it behind. He closed his hands, and looked down at them. On the first day of school, he’d text Yosuke, reminding him to be careful steering his bike. He’d make a map of all the good bike trails, parks, and restaurants that served steak for Chie. Yukiko would help co-ordinate the lesson plans in their classes so that they could study together, and help everyone test for the same colleges.

He’d send Teddie Topsicle money. He’d show off Kanji’s little knit animals to the new friends he was going to make, and send him back the orders he was sure to get for more. Last year he’d been on the basketball team and the drama club -- he’d need to decide whether to continue with those, or try soccer and music this year, or maybe something else altogether. He knew just who to ask about his options.

He’d look into getting tickets to the next Risette tour. He was pretty confident he could get some good seats. And if there was anything suspicious... he turned his wrist, looking at the watch there and the rapidly climbing numbers on its display. Solving a case from halfway across Japan was just the kind of challenge Naoto would relish.

Still smiling, he walked to his seat, dropping into it and pulling a notebook out of his bag.

He’d promised Nanako that he’d write her every day. There’d never be a better time to start than now.
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Your name: Matt
Your journal: [Bad username or unknown identity: matt-doyle"]
Contact:, mattnificent @ plurk
Other characters played at Passing: none (yet)

Character name: Seta Souji
Character fandom: Persona 4
Version: V1
Canon point: post-True End
Importing development from old game? no.
Background: here

Personality: Souji is calm, affable, and a little distant the majority of the time. Before coming to Inaba, frequent moves had taught him not to get attached, so despite his intuitive talent for understanding and empathizing with the people around him, he often seems shallow and aloof to strangers.

The truth is, Souji cares about people, and he cares about answers. That compassionate curiosity is the cornerstone of his personality. Years of distant people-watching have lead him to be very insightful about more or less everyone around him, because he does his best not to judge or jump to conclusions, but simply to watch, listen, and treat each new acquaintance as a totally unique and individual case, rather than comparing them to other people, stereotypes, rumors or preconceptions. And whether he understands right away or not, if he sees someone having trouble, he'd like to help. Every problem, like every person, poses its own questions, and Souji's enough of a perfectionist that no matter what else is going on, he wants to find the answer. It isn't ego that makes him put himself in the center of events, but a pre-occupation with any job, problem, or mystery he stumbles across.

The tendency toward being an analytical observer often makes Souji seem like a cipher to the people around him. While his easygoing manner, attentive concern, and seeming tirelessness are constants, Souji is a social chameleon, taking on the traits of anyone he spends time with -- but also taking on the traits they expect him to have. Relationships are just another sort of puzzle to solve, and while his emotion is genuine, Souji is a people-pleaser, and he'd like live up to others' expectations. To an insecure friend who feels cut off from his old life in the big city, Souji is urbane and confident, understated. To a fastidious detective, Souji adapts his own curious nature to become a sidekick. To a girl who thinks everyone sees her as an artificial construction instead of her genuine self, he opens up a little, showing how natural it is to play different parts with different people.

So, who is the real Souji? What's under that watchful demeanor? Souji is a methodical puzzle-solver with a bleeding heart. He stays calm because he's dealt with unknowns all his life, and they make him curious rather than afraid. He's a growing kid who's ravenously hungry, and hunger combined with curiosity means he'll eat almost literally anything (once). He likes attention, likes seeing the people around him happy, and he'll push himself to extremes to make that happen without admitting any complaints -- it isn't that he's trying to be stoic, just that he thinks the effort is worth it. He has a dry, goofy sense of humor, and the closest thing he has to a deep secret is that, really, he loves and needs absolutely all the people around him just as badly as they need him.

Abilities: Beyond being smart, athletic, and charming, Souji has the ability to summon Personas. While most people have only one Persona at a time, Souji can hold a great many within his mind, and (with help) can combine and recombine them in many ways, losing or unlocking various skills. Having close relationships with different sorts of people fuels this ability, and having an active Persona of the same Arcana, or archetype, as a friend enables him to understand them better.

Like any RPG protagonist, Souji is hyper-competent and much more powerful than his peers. If anything sounds too powerful the way I described it, I'm more than willing to tone it down -- it's less important that Souji succeed at everything, and more important that he constantly tries to do everything.

Writing sample: Revised writing sample here.

Souji's phone chirped at him, and he dusted the flour off his hands before checking it. It was just about time to leave the dough to rise for an hour or two, anyway. He flipped it open, and saw the memo he'd left himself: he had just enough time to feed the stray cat down by the river on his way to his tutoring job. He'd have to bike if he wanted to get there and back quickly enough to finish the baking he was doing, but that was okay. He gathered a few odds and ends from the fridge, nibbling idly before he realized that these were the leftovers he was planning on feeding to the cat.

Well, that was okay. There were enough for both of them.

Voice sample: ONE
Let me know if anything more is needed here; I admittedly haven't been playing Souji very long.
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